Notary Office

A notary supplements the work of a lawyer by helping him and his client to shape and form legal relationships in a fair and balanced way. He acts as impartial adviser to the parties, especially in complex legal matters, points out the possible risks and ensures that inexperienced parties are not disadvantaged.

The notary fulfils his counselling function by protecting the party concerned in particularly important decisions, such as the purchase of real property, the conclusion of marriage contracts or inheritance contracts, and forestalls hasty or ill-considered actions.

As holder of a public office, a notary represents the State and is thus in a position to draw up and certify deeds and other instruments which, even after decades, prove the correctness and legitimacy of an agreement entered into and the identity of the parties involved.

The notary stands by his clients with expertise in almost all fields of law. These include real estate law, company law, inheritance law, family law and special powers of attorney and legal responsibility, as well as declarations of all kinds, for example, affidavits, debt acknowledgments and submissions to immediate enforcement, public sales (auction) and disposals by drawing lots and certifications of signatures and copies.

Notarisations in the notary's office of Vater & Junghänel can be done in German as well as in English.