The law firm

Vater & Junghänel is a modern law and notarial office located in the central area of Hofheim am Taunus, not far from Frankfurt am Main. With a team of nine, the law firm is specialised in real estate law, building contractor issues, legal succession, company law, as well as family and labour law. Vater & Junghänel offers its clients precisely worded and drafted contracts, fast and reliable handling of entries in the Land Register and the Commercial Register of Companies, as well as flexible and customized counselling and servicing.


Four lawyers with many years of experience at renowned law firms form the core team of Vater & Junghänel, supported by the specialist knowledge of five employees. For notarial matters in real estate law, company law, legal succession, family law and questions of precautionary powers of attorney and care, a female notary complements the expertise of the team.

Nicole Junghänel

Lawyer and notary

Nicole Junghänel was admitted as lawyer in 2002 and as notary in 2010. Before joining Vater & Junghänel as co-partner and bearer of the firm’s name, she worked for six years as counsel at a large international law firm in Frankfurt am Main. As notary, Nicole Junghänel specialises in structuring, negotiating and implementing contracts and deeds in real estate law, company law and inheritance law.

Axel Wintermeyer


Until 2010, Axel Wintermeyer was for 16 years a self-employed lawyer at Vater & Junghänel. In August 2010, he was appointed Staatsminister (Head of the State Chancellery) and since then has suspended legal practice. Before his appointment at the State Chancellery, Axel Wintermeyer worked principally in family law and traffic law, general contract law and also in litigation and enforcement of claims.

Ursula Thoenemann


Ursula Thoenemann has 27 years of experience as a lawyer. Since 2012, she has been a self-employed lawyer at Vater & Junghänel, and prior to that at Vater & Collegen. Ursula Thoenemann specialises in labour law, private and commercial landlord and tenant law, general contract law, as well as litigation and enforcement of claims.

Daniel Schlenke


Daniel Schlenke is practising as a lawyer since 2014 and joined the team at Vater & Junghänel directly after his legal clerkship. Since 2017 he has also been working regularly for the firm as a notary representative. Daniel Schlenke is constantly furthering his legal education and in 2018 he successfully completed the specialist course for lawyers specialising in tenancy and residential property law, with a focus on his areas of practice. In addition, he also works mainly in the areas of brokerage law, real estate law, private construction law, traffic law and general contract law.


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